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Archives & Special Collections

  A key component of the museum will be an extensive archival library of railway related information. Preserving the historical record of railways in the Toronto area is one of the top priorities of the Toronto Railway Historical Association. We also plan to make much of our archives available online over the Internet in keeping with our vision to extend the reach of the museum to the rest of the world.

United Aircraft TurboTrain Archive Project

In another key project, members of the TRHA are working to secure as many items as possible to form the most complete archive of the history of the United Aircraft TurboTrain. The Turbo operated between Toronto and Montreal from 1968 to 1982 and is still the record holder for fastest train in Canadian history. It is a significant part of 20th century Toronto railway heritage.

Our collection already includes many of Canadian Nationalís internal documentation as well as drawings, artifacts and audio and video footage. If you have any material related to the Turbo and you would be interested in making a tax-deductible donation, please contact us.

Archives of the Toronto & York Division of the CHRA

The Canadian Railroad Historical Association (CRHA) is the preeminent national organization in Canada dedicated to preserving the history of Railways in Canada. The CRHA has numerous local chapters across the country which they call "divisions". The Toronto & York Division has been leading this effort for many decades in the Toronto area and has built up a significant archive of railway material over those years. The TRHA is working closely with the Toronto and York Division to ensure that their archive is protected and preserved and made available interested parties in future years.
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