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CPR Roundhouse Mechanical Staff in 1937

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Recently, Bob Dickson, one of our TRHA volunteers, unearthed a bit of the roundhouse’s past. Here is his story:

"While talking to a co-worker of mine about the roundhouse he mentioned that his grandfather, Rubin Kerr, had worked there. He also mentioned that he had a group photo that belonged to his grandfather of the CPR Roundhouse mechanical Staff in 1937 posed in front of a CPR steam engine. Mr. Kerr is no. 27 in the photograph, unfortunately eight of the names are unreadable.

The photo was a contact print taken from a glass negative, had been rolled up for a very long time and had many cracks in it. I took it to a professional photographer for an opinion and even though it was cracked, the photo itself was really clear and not beyond repair. It was flattened, secured to stiff cardboard and then scanned. After scanning the cracks were digitally removed and the names on the photo were enhanced. The photo was then reprinted on archival paper and a copy given back to the donor, Mr. Ted Terrion, who has generously presented the original to us to be displayed with a repaired copy in the roundhouse."

TRHA thanks Bob for his fine detective work and for donating a copy of this very interesting photograph to the museum.

Below can be found a list of all of the discernable names in the above photograph:

1. H.Broadstock
3. T.Friend
5. A.Goulden-Timekeeper
7. S.Taggart-Locom.Foreman
9. W.Campbell-Boiler.Foreman
11. F.Mark-Storekeeper
13. J.McKeown
15. J.Jeffries
17. J.Thompson
19. A.Gibson
21. D.Walker
23. --------
25. G.Smith-Loco.Frmans.Clerk
27. R.Kerr
29. W.Crotty
31. C.Crocker
33. E.Collins
35. W.Black
37. J.Campbell
39. T.Yunagawa
41. D.Clark
43. H.Lane
45. E.Clark
47. P.Rushton
49. J.Ashworth
51. W.Rally
53. B.Bynez
55. L.Battisto
57. W.McConnell
59. --------
61. R.Godwin
63. W.Hancox
65. R.McKinley
           2. H.Tucker
4. F.Olden
6. P.Smith-Car.Foreman
8. F.Pritchard-Asst.GM
10. L.Crauks-Ass.Timekeeper
12. K.Reid-Ass.Storekeeper
14. T.Frew
16. --------
18. H.Dutton
20. N.Jackson
22. F.Haley
24. R.Shields
26. R.Bennett
28. --------
30. G.Divro
32. T.Ide
34. --------
36. R.Currie
38. W.Carson
40. --------
42. W.Raven
44. J.Laird
46. --------
48. W.Jackson
50. J.Paquette
52. --------
54. E.Ross
56. W.Brown
58. R.Young
60. E.Dillon
62. H.Taragi
64. T.McAfee
66. K.Starr

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